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We welcome you to join us in worship on Sunday Mornings at 10AM and make a connection to the spirit of God that transcends into your everyday life.

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31 Days of Wisdom

Dressing of the Gods…Continued
(Part III)
November 26, 2013

Matthew 22:1-14

All Inclusive Covering

“Jesus’ blood by faith has us covered.”

There isn’t a crack or crevice, secret or failure, talent or speck of wealth, related to who we are that God isn’t in tune with. Because he loves us, he longs for us to know who we are in all of our glory. He longs for you to fully accept and love yourself and others. He has made an eternal investment in you.


“You always win!”

God wants you regardless! When you show up broken he won’t reject you; He will love you like crazy! Don’t work against Him by giving in to worldly temptation. Fight like crazy to be a credible Christian. Fight knowing God has pre-qualified you for every possible situation.

The Gracious King

“He calls everybody, but when you get in, you have to know what to do.”

When you’re out of order, God is still compassionate in his approach to straightening you out. It’s not personal. Appropriateness is a standard when you enter the kingdom of God. Also know, that standard does not change because some people don’t respect and honor him. Heaven is still coming!